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This resource directory is for families/caregivers of children who have medically complex needs or long-lasting conditions that require extra health care and support services.

The information in this directory is provided to help you find resources to assist you with finding help for your child and family. The range of care/disability/health issues varies amongst children so the information may or may not pertain to your child.

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After a family learns that their child is ill parents/caregivers typically begin to think about how they can best care for their child. The resources in this directory include agencies, service providers, advocacy organizations, and other resources to assist with providing a quality life for children with medically complex needs.

To find a resource enter your area of interest in the search box on the side bar and the location in the box located on the top of the screen. The directory is intended to assist you with being the best advocate for your child. Although we attempt to keep the directory current resources change constantly.

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Category: Medical equipment

  1. The M.O.R.G.A.N. Project themorganproject.org

    Our Mission is to provide support to parents/caregivers and act as a reference source for information, financial resources, used equipment exchanges, research and clinical studies, support groups, web links, etc. This is done in the form of an interactive website, and newsletters;

    To make small individual awards (products & services only) to parents/caregivers of children with physical disabilities, for things like adaptive bath and shower chairs not otherwise covered by Medicaid or Insurance, or other non-covered items that would make caring for these children easier on the parent/caregiver and help to improve their quality of life at the same time.



    The M.O.R.G.A.N. Project, Inc. 4241 N. Highway 1 Melbourne, FL 32935 -

  2. TRAID IN Equipment Exchange Program justicecenter.ny.gov

    Technology Resources Center – NYC

    United Cerebral Palsy of NYC
    120 East 23rd Street, 5th Floor  4519

    212-979-9700 x 717 Voice     212- 475-0842 Fax     212- 253-2690 TTY

    Brooklyn Satellite Office
    160 Lawrence Avenue, Room B10 Brooklyn, NY 11230

    718-436-7979 x710 Voice 718-907-3189 Fax 718-854-5656 TTY

    Website: www.ucpnyc.org/site/c.buIWJcNSKnL6G/b.6561427/k.48DE/Assistive_Technology

    Long Island TRAID Center

    Long Island Communities of Practice P.O. Box 5013 Montauk, NY 11954

    631-668-4858 (Voice) 631-668-6079 (Fax) 631-668-4858 (Voice/TTY) Website:


  3. Travis Roy Foundation travisroyfoundation.org

    The Travis Roy Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the life of individuals with spinal cord injuries and their families by providing adaptive equipment and to finding a cure through increased funding of research, resulting in self-reliance and the ability to be as independent as possible. Assistance is awarded to spinal cord injury survivors with paraplegia and quadriplegia (Please Note: paralysis must be due to a spinal cord injury that was caused by an accident, separate from complications caused at birth. Paralysis due to stroke, ALS, Spina Bifida, Multiple Sclerosis, etc., are not eligible).

    Contact Information

    (617) 619-8257
    Email: info@travisroyfoundation.org


    Hemenway & Barnes LLP 60 State Street, 8th Floor Boston, MA 02109

  4. Us Variety usvariety.org

    Variety aids children with physical challenges whose families cannot afford, nor obtain through insurance, necessary mobility equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, strollers, specially-designed adaptive bikes, and other mobility devices.

    Variety helps children who are disadvantaged and want to experience the fullness of life. Variety takes them out into their communities for special excursions that are usually taken for granted – to the zoo, museum, skating rink, library, concerts, amusement parks, the circus, and fun-filled events like fishing, film festivals, special movie screenings and annual holiday party!

    Variety supports other local initiatives to benefit the children of your community, such as children’s hospitals, camps, boys & girls clubs, after school programs, literacy programs, educational scholarships and arts programs


    Contact Information

    Tel: 323.954.0820
    Email: info@usvariety.org


    National Office - Variety of the United States 4601 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 260 Los Angeles, CA 90010 USA

  5. Wheel to Walk Foundation wheeltowalk.com

    The Wheel to Walk Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps children and young adults (under 21 years old) with disabilities obtain medical equipment or services that is not provided by their insurance companies. We purchase items such as shower chairs, therapy bikes, special beds, communication devices, speech therapy and wheelchairs (to name a few), which insurance companies have denied.

    Contact Information





    PO Box 20146 Portland, Oregon 97294